3UP 3DOWN® card game

3UP 3DOWN layout.jpg
3UP 3DOWN layout.jpg

3UP 3DOWN® card game

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  • 3UP 3DOWN: An award-winning, fast-paced, family-friendly discard game with a surprising finish!

  • THE GOAL: Get rid of your cards before your family and friends can get rid of theirs.

  • THE SURPRISE: Three of your cards are not revealed until the very end - so you will need both strategy and luck!

  • Reinforces concepts of “greater than”, “less than” and “equal to”.

  • 3 minutes to learn & 10 minutes to play.

  • Perfect for game night: 2-6 players/deck; Ages 7+.

  • For 3UP 3DOWN fun with more than 6 players, just add another deck!

  • MSRP / MAP: $9.99



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"The action in this immensely enjoyable, easy-to-learn card game unfolds with delicious speed.

Both the goal (be first to rid yourself of cards) and main decision-making element (play a card if it is greater than or equal in value to the top card on the discard pile) are so clear cut that each player's turn typically requires only a second or so. Which is not to say 3UP 3DOWN is predictable, anything but! Players invariably find themselves at some point without any card they can play, requiring that they pick up ALL cards from the discard pile. This may sound like an OUCH, but in reality the infusion of new cards presents empowering opportunities.

In no time, competition again settles into being neck and neck. Further spicing up the fun is the fact that each player possesses 3 face-up table cards they can't play until their hand is empty and 3 face-down cards whose value they won't know until the game is almost over. Special action cards sprinkled throughout the deck keep things ever lively, while a delightful balance of skill and luck means that until the final card is played, it's anybody's game!"

- Tillywig Toy And Media Awards


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